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Teaching to Learn

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Last week I hosted an Intro to Linocut workshop, the second online class I've hosted during the pandemic. While I certainly miss the fun of being there with people as they learn a new art form, I have enjoyed expanding the reach of these workshops. Whereas live events would cater only to people here in Lexington, teaching online has allowed me to share my love of printmaking with people from not only Kentucky but also Ohio and California. It's got me wondering how much farther I can spread the linolove.

While working on some overdue website updates this weekend, I was also thinking of ways I can share thoughts on printmaking or other general topics. I have some ideas, and I'm starting with adding this blog to my site. I'm a big fan of designer and educator Chris Do, and one thing he frequently advises is to teach what you know. Not only does it help others, but forcing yourself to articulate your knowledge helps you understand topics even more deeply.

Of course, I'll use this space to talk about printmaking, but I'll drop some other thoughts here as well. I hope you enjoy, and I hope we both find something useful here.

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