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Learn Linocut on Skillshare

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Ok, I know I've been pretty quiet here for the past five weeks, but I have a good reason. I've been working on a Skillshare class!

Yes, I've dipped my toes into the waters of online course creation, and I'm excited to announce that my class, Carving Your First Linocut Print, is available now. You can find it here, and by following my link, you'll be able to get two weeks of Skillshare free. Come for the linocut class; stay for the hundreds of other videos building your skills in art, design, business, and much more.

Man, this was not an easy process. Although I have plenty of experience with graphic design and audio editing, I'm a novice at video filming and editing. It's especially challenging going it alone. No one else was there to light the room, aim the camera, or tell me when I was looking in the wrong direction. I could do a lengthy reel of outtakes from all my verbal stumbles ... but don't hold your breath on that getting released. The editing wasn't too bad since Premiere is pretty intuitive and similar in many ways to other Adobe products. Still, the syncing, splicing, and adjusting was a lengthy process. Although this was a small-scale project, it really makes me appreciate all that goes into making films and other video content.

So yeah, the learning curve was steep, and there were plenty of moments of frustration as I worked my way through editing. And to be perfectly honest, I know there's a lot I could do better with more time and experience. But this is one of those cases where done is better than perfect. Perfect doesn't even exist, so if I had kept aiming for that, I'd never have published this class. It's better to do my best now, put it out, and improve next time. Considering this was my first crack at a video course, I'm happy with the end product. It was a new experience, and one that will hopefully spread the linolove even further.

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