The Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, Kentucky, had been using a logo that even many in the congregation found confusing. The skeuomorphic design focused heavily on a very specific aspect of the church grounds, creating a reference too obscure to represent the church as whole and attract new members. UUCL’s new minister therefore made rebranding a high priority.


Our goal was to create a simple and versatile mark that would be recognizable to those familiar with UU-ism but appealing to outsiders. The design is based around a chalice and flame, traditional UU iconography. The chalice, however, is altered so as to stand out among other UU logos. This non-traditional shape breaks from the standard while helping fit the overall logo into a friendly circular shape. The sun beams also break from the norm, representing UUCL’s newly solar-paneled location and, more broadly, its commitment to environmental justice.


Even if the symbolism isn’t immediately apparent, that’s ok. The main goal was to create a design that is bright, bold, and welcoming. That’s the vibe UUCL aims for while working for peace and justice throughout the Lexington community.

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