For democracy to thrive, it requires participation from all citizens. But let’s face it. We citizens get busy with family, work, life in general. When it comes to politics, many of us pay attention but don’t necessarily participate except on voting day … and even that’s not a given.

Amplify wants to change that by giving people a civic engagement tool to make effective political action easier. With the Amplify App, group leaders determine the most important actions of the day, and group members use the app to quickly and easily act. Instead of searching for your elected official’s phone number, this app connects you effortlessly then lets you encourage others to do the same. Don’t know what to say? Group leaders can set scripts and talking points so that even those who get flustered when making political calls can efficiently state their case.


Since the app’s central purpose is patriotism through simplicity, the logo needed the same focus. The American flag fashioned into amplification icon gets the job done in a bold and easily recognizable way. Look for it in the Apple Store, Google Play or at, and start making your voice heard.

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